Now Available! Valeria & The Enemy of Time

New Book Release! Valeria & The Enemy of Time

I am thrilled to announce that my new book, “Valeria & The Enemy of Time” is now released and available on! 

Valeria was like most of us when we were “t’weens.” Ordinary. Or at least, that’s what she thought. Nothing special. But a tapestry with one possible future was being woven for her, and when the three strangers showed it to her, she had to make a decision. To believe the fantastic tale they told her, to prepare for a journey back through time and thwart the Enemy who was maliciously harming the future? To attempt her quest without knowing more than the smallest hints? Or to dismiss the whole experience as a game, as simply her imagination run amok? Or was the experience  all only a result of concussion from the terrible school bus accident. 

But it was not her imagination. And it was not a game. When events in Earth’s timeline began to change for the worse, Valeria and her best friend, Theo were thrust back in time to the medieval era of The Black Death in Italy, 1349 AD. With the scant clues given them by the three strangers, Valeria began her task of trying to save a little girl’s life, a little girl who was supposed to live so that Earth’s timeline would remain undamaged. 

In the course of their journey, Valeria began to discover her own strength and courage, especially when she found herself alone to go on with the quest. But hard as it was to survive a plague-ridden and primitive world, it was nothing compared to her final showdown with The Enemy of Time!

If you like the convenience and lower cost of the ebook, you can get the Kindle edition. If you are the type who likes to hold an old-fashion paperback in your hand, that is another option! The physical book is a nice, large, comfortable size to hold. It came in at 300 pages, which sounds like a lot! Well, it is a nice long-ish read that you can settle down to for a worthy binge. But what I like is that the size of the print is just a tad larger, to respect the the middle-grade readers. That “easy on the eyes” size can also be helpful for older eyes too, by the way! (Not to be confused with a “large print format.”) Even though I wrote the book with middle-graders in mind, I believe “Valeria & The Enemy of Time” will be enjoyed by all ages, anyone who likes a story about friendship and adventure, with a little bit of history, and a fantasy that could be real. (Who knows? Maybe!)

We have plans to make the eBook version available through other publishers also in the very near future, and when that happens, I’ll make that announcement. 

I’m also looking forward to some possible book release events. I’ll be sure to mention those on my Facebook page, CR Roberts Books.

Please be patient as we continue to fine-tune my website and make all the buttons do what we want them to!

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