Valeria Rocks!

I’ve been back down to my old hometown visiting friends and relatives. Lemoncove and Exeter (California) is where my book, Valeria & The Enemy of Time is set, even though no particular town names are mentioned. My good friend (one of my besties from school) has helped me promote the book and has introduced me to her rock-painting group, Exeter Rocks. These are a wonderful group of ladies, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to make a couple of their meetings. (Having the meetings at A&W restaurant is a big plus!)

I was astounded when one of the women, Denise, painted me a rock “to hold my papers down” when I would be selling my book. I am fascinated by how exactly it matches the cover of my book, but even better, the globe GLOWS IN THE DARK! 

I am touched, and it makes me want to do something nice for someone else. Every time I look at it, I’ll be reminded of this sweet woman and Exeter Rocks. 

Denise’s artwork can be found at Hometown Emporium in Exeter, if anyone wants to check out what else she is working on. 

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