Tiny Art Museum

Creativity is not a one-trick pony.

Creativity is not one thing you do.

Creativity lies rooted deeply in the mind, and must emerge, its shoots displaying…who knows? A painting? A story or poem? A piece of music? Maybe a garden. Or perhaps a video.

Even though lately, I haven’t written much, my brain won’t let me sit back for very long at a time, NOT creating. In the meantime, I have been making tiny art and crafted a tiny art museum to house the pieces. Each “showing” is tied together with a theme. I’ve been trying to do one about once a month, and yes, it has been a quarantine/shelter-in-place project.

I know some people are content to create something and then be satisfied with just the holding of it, the knowing of it. But not me!! I’m like a little kid. “Look what I made!! See? See? Look!!!” It would make me very sad to create these cute little art shows, enjoy them every time I walked by, and then take them down for the next one, with no one else to have a look. Thankfully, everyone is the star of their own YouTube channel, and I can preserve each show for whatever future they have.

So… Ta Dah! I introduce, The Tiny Art Museum Presents: “All Roads Lead to Romanesque.”

(And in case you are intrigued, the previous shows are on that same YouTube playlist)

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