New Today! “Ozark Heritage” — Mildred’s Book

I am so pleased to announce the publication of my latest book. This is a different kind of book than you have seen, and probably will see from me. It is my mother’s memoir. You can find it here.

Several years ago, she sat with me and a video camera and talked about her youth and her family. I transcribed it, sorted it out somewhat chronologically, added a few old pictures, and photocopied a few booklets for family. When my mother, Mildred McConnell Roberts Criswell, passed away in September, I decided to revisit the project. She was the last of her siblings, and I knew that many of the extended relatives were interested in owning a copy of her “Heritage Book,” as we called it. Her story of how she grew up and life in Missouri and Arkansas were interesting enough that I also thought that other people would enjoy reading it. So I decided to make it available on Amazon, both paperback and on Kindle.

To the memoir and the photos, I have also added a few extras in this second edition. My sister, Sharlene, has done some genealogical work on our family history, and within the last couple of months, she has unearthed some previously unknown connections. I included a couple pages of that information. I also added a brief follow-up of Mildred’s life, since her memoir is from her early life and ends when she got married. 

This is from the book description:

Mildred McConnell Roberts was born in Birch Tree, Missouri in 1937, the middle girl of nine siblings in her family, of Scotch-Irish-Cherokee ancestry with roots back to the 1700’s. Mildred’s story, told here in her own words, details a life of musical awakening, hardships, and love of family against the backdrop of life in the Missouri and Arkansas Ozark Mountains.

This book was a labor of love, and I do not intend on making a profit from it. I will be offering the paperback on Amazon for the price it costs me, and I am selling the Kindle book for the lowest amount of 99¢. I can also make the Kindle book free periodically. I am planning on running a free promotion of “Ozark Heritage” on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I hope you pick it up and give it a read. I am anticipating the paperback will be ready on Amazon today or tomorrow, and I’ll make another announcement when it is.

If you read it and enjoy it, please rate it on Amazon! That will help more people be able to find it, and it will help me also.

Upcoming Projects October

Along with promoting my new book, Valeria & The Enemy of Time, I have been working on several other projects. Getting back from vacation, having new flooring installed, trying to wrap up some important personal paperwork—they have slowed me down, but now I’m settling back into writing. 

One of my looming projects is NaNoWriMo, the nickname of National Novel Writers Month, which is the month of November. A post on that one to come later. I have also been working on a shorter novel that I plan on releasing as a free ebook on Kindle. I won’t let it out until I’m satisfied with the quality and the story, so just because it will be free won’t mean it is junk reading! I’m also brainstorming the next Valeria adventure, and I do have some promising story ideas I’m exploring and outlining.

The project you will see next on my site is something a little different. Some years ago my mother let me interview her to create a memoir of her growing-up years in the Ozarks. She was the last of her siblings and wanted her nieces and nephews to know more about the early days of their family. She called it her “Heritage Book,” and gave out photocopies to family members at our reunions. My mother, Mildred, recently passed away, and I wanted a way to make the history more available to friends and family who wanted to read it. I also believe that her story will be interesting to others, as an American journey, from “there to here.”

Reading her story over again makes me aware of how many others have untold interesting stories of their own journeys. 

I set out to make it an ebook and a paperback book. I do not plan on making a profit on either version, so if I can offer the kindle version free, I will. The paperback, through Amazon, will only cost what it takes to have it printed and handled.

I’m excited about how close we are to putting Mom’s “Ozark Heritage” book out there, and I will be putting it on my website as soon as it is live!