“Sweet Danger” Free Tomorrow!

I’ve been trying to get my writing brain back under my control. I took a temporary job at the Shasta County Elections Office, and you can imagine how distracting that might be, in these times! But guess what is around the corner?… NaNoWriMo, otherwise known as “National Novel Writers Month.”

NaNo is a great training month for me, to help me practice writing quickly and not lean into the temptation of editing along the way. Gotta get those 50,000 words in before December 1st! So far, I don’t even have an idea, but my plan is to have an idea and a rough outline by November 1st.

Yesterday, I learned that my coworker who goes with me on rounds to collect ballots from the drop-boxes, used to be a beekeeper! Wow! And she has the same warm and fuzzy feelings that I do about the little warm and fuzzy insects. So for her, I’m doing a book promotion on my mystery novella, “Sweet Danger.” On the 29th, 30th, and 31st it will be a free Kindle download for everyone.

If you go and get it, I hope you enjoy a couple hours of entertainment and distraction, and maybe you’ll learn a little bit about honeybees!

Here’s the link: Sweet Danger on Kindle

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