Redding Authors Fair (Northstate California)

It was really a lot of fun, being there sitting behind my books, Valeria & The Enemy of Time, plus the one I wrote as Dinah Roberts, “The Lazy Brewster,” a how-to book on brewing beer using an all-grain way, with the newer “brew-in-a-bag” method. What made it a blast was having Mel Newton with me, sharing my half of the table and selling her own books, “Go Ride Far,” and “Play any Instrument,” (pen name Orvetta Black on that one). 

The Redding Writers Forum‘s “Author’s Fair” was held at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Redding. We had a fairly good turnout of authors. I had some fun shopping for a handful of books to read, myself. Melinda and I got to talk about our books, something we were looking forward to practicing! We enjoyed setting up our displays also. I watched her do something that I thought only I would be doing, straightening corners, moving around little items to make everything look squared-up and neat. Looks like we work well together!

I got some ideas for future book-selling/promoting tables from visiting the other authors spaces. The way they incorporated and displayed posters, props, promo material, and candy jars was inspiring. I wonder if anyone was looking at ours and capturing ideas!

The Author’s Fair has been on hiatus for a couple years, since the club lost its location at the Shasta Mall. I’m really tickled that it has been brought back. I recently found out that the money raised from table rental is to bring back the scholarship the club offered. What a great project!

Unfortunately the foot traffic was slim, and not many people had the information to come over and check us out. I’m hoping that we can change things for next year. If a committee is formed for that, you may be seeing me on it!

I will review the books I bought at the Fair on my blog, when I read them, and give information on how to get them, if they sound interesting to you.

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