Now…On Video!

“Shelter in Place” has got me looking for new creative projects to keep my world fresh and exciting. One area I’m interested in is making little videos. I’ve been wanting to make another video—ANY video for awhile. I just needed a little inspiration and a bit of time set aside.

Then my dear friend, Kelly shared a Facebook video with me, saying, “You could do this with your book!” In the Facebook Live video, and author was reading from her book. What fun! I thought. It would be a great little project; do a little reading, a little editing, get my book out there a little more… 

So now, I’ve got the first chapter up on YouTube!!! It was fun, and I’ve got lots of chapters left to experiment with some different little fun elements. My plan is to get at least one new chapter up a week. Each time I do, I’ll share it here on the blog. 

Maybe you like to listen better than to read. Maybe you know some kids in about 5th-9th grade who would like to be read to. Maybe you just want to see what I sound like reading a book. Perhaps you want to see what music I put in with the credits. (Okay, so it’s banjo. What did you expect?) Anyway, check it out here!

Chapter 1, “The Wreck,” is now dedicated to Kelly!

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