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Valeria & The Enemy of Time

Mysterious. Interesting. Prepared. That’s how 12-year old Valeria likes to think of herself and her best friend, Theo. But then a disaster shook her world.

When a terrible bus accident reveals that the Enemy of Time is destroying Earth’s timeline, Valeria and Theo use a mysterious token given to her by three magical beings to travel to Italy 1349– the time of the Black Death. They must save a little girl who wasn’t suppose to die and set the present time right again. But when calamity strikes in the middle of their journey, Valeria must continue on alone, finding the courage within herself to save the little girl and defeat the Enemy of Time before her life and future change forever.

New Mystery Novella

Sweet Danger

A stranger dies a horrible death, at the mercy of young Jesse’s honeybees. Was it a terrible accident, or was it murder? Jesse knows that she shouldn’t get involved in trying to find the missing clues herself. She could easily end up with a gruesome end, like the poor victim, as her boyfriend warns her. But Jesse doesn’t like anyone telling her what to do. Loyalty to a friend and a desire to clear her bees of a murder charge drives her to look for the truth, until it is too late to back out.