Book Release Party this Weekend!

For all my friends and family and potential new readers of my book… my dear friend, Kelly Ross Rider of Exeter, CA is hosting a New Book Release Party for my book, Valeria & The Enemy of Time!!!

This is so very exciting for me. My greatest pleasure is having lots of people read my book and enjoy the world and characters I created. I’m hoping to get the word out to as many people who might be interested in coming. There will be tea and cakes (CAKES! I’ve been dying for cake lately), I will find an exciting section to read out loud (maybe something with voices or sound effects), and I will have some books for sale there (even autographed, If you like).

It is coming up very soon. This coming Sunday afternoon, October 20th, at 1:30pm. The address is: Exeter chamber of commerce park, located behind the Chamber at 101 W Pine St, Exeter. At some point we/whoever wants will walk to the huge orange grove mural nearby and take a picture. (And if you are familiar with my book, you will understand the significance of that!)

I’m looking forward to being back in my old stomping grounds in Exeter and Lemoncove this weekend. I am going to the first ever Sequoia Union Elementary School reunion that weekend. That is a special place where I spent 9 years of my life! In fact, I have dedicated my book to all the young readers of that school. I have many fond memories of the library there (tucked into what used to be the 4th grade classroom at the time) and the monthly Scholastic Book order papers, which brought worlds of excitement and knowledge to our hot little hands, for about a quarter each.

Hope to see you in Exeter on Sunday afternoon!

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  1. Such a GREAT time it was! I so enjoyed the friends and folks that came to hear the book reading and enjoy the refreshments. We couldn’t have asked for better weather or attendance! I still find it amazing that we stood under a Yonder Tree. 😉

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